Can you do laser treatment on my spider veins?


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What will my treatment be like?
Can you do laser treatment on my spider veins?
I have large varicose veins. Don't I need surgery for that?
What is Foam Sclerotherapy?
I exercise every day. Will I have to stop throughout treatment?
Why do you refer to this as vein disease? I thought I just had a few ugly spider veins.
I'm confused. You say I need veins to carry my blood back to my heart, but now you want to close and get rid of these veins. How’s my blood going to get back to my heart?
Many of my friends have had vein treatment, including sclerotherapy, and have been disappointed in the results. They say the injections didn't work, their veins came back, or they just made new veins. How is your approach different?
Do you do VNUS Closure or EVLT (Endovenous Laser Therapy)?
Will I have to wear bandages, wraps, or stockings?
If I have discomfort or have any complications, will my Insurance pay for this?
Could I have prevented "bad veins"?
My obstetrician told me to wait until after I‘m finished having children before doing anything about my veins. S/he says they'll just come back and I'm wasting my time.